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The Bounce Program is an evidence-based transformational soft skills program, credited with impacting the lives of tens of thousands of people across Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

It’s a wrap-around approach to human behaviour change, meeting individuals where they’re at and providing them with proven support strategies that help get real and long-lasting employment outcomes.

Bounce Online helps clients:


Get Clear

Build their confidence and give them clarity around their goals


Start Shifting

Shift negative beliefs and blocks they have about themselves


Light the Fire

Unlock potential and ignite their purpose


Live their Dream

Choose ‘unstuck’ and make their dreams a reality

Bounce takes into account all the science behind human behaviour and how it links to behaviour change. Bounce uses a ‘coaching approach’ to learning rather than a ‘teaching approach’, creating a program designed specifically for people that can be hard to engage and hard to change.

A training revolution is here

In this fast-changing world, we have to adapt our delivery methods to make training more accessible to people everywhere. We know your clients are more tech-savvy than ever, and there are so many different ways they’re accessing training and education. They’re connected and engaged in the digital world, and they’re ready for unique ways to learn.

Bounce Online features the essential soft skills training, tools and techniques that will get every client career-ready, coupled with the ease and convenience of completing it wherever and whenever it suits them best.

Program Features:

Pre-Assessment to determine a clients level of engagement & appetite for change.

The Stages of Change pre-assessment is based on the Transtheoretical Model (Prochaska & DiClemente, 1982; 1986). The five stages of change are Pre-Contemplation, Contemplation, Preparation, Action, Maintenance & Relapse Prevention.

Five dynamic learning modules to keep participants accountable and on track.

Every module contains experiential learning and video modelling, quizzes and simple activities. Modules cover everything, from start to finish, that your clients will need to know to find a job and keep it.

An easy to use Career Toolbox, jam-packed with ready-made documents

Accessible at any time, the Career Toolbox is filled with ‘how to’ guides and templates to help your clients craft irresistible cover letters, resumes and develop clever strategies to nail those interview questions.

Group coaching sessions over the phone with Bounce Coaches

Designed to deepen the learning and increase the engagement, regular group coaching sessions are available with Certified Bounce Coaches.

“Before the program I was being negative about everything related to employment. I found the job searches were hard because of my low confidence, motivation and I wasn’t energised. I would see people going to work and I WISH I had a job to go to like everyone. The Bounce Program Online is very easy to use, easy to follow and learn. I was surprised at how effective and informative it was. It helped me to assess and understand my abilities in the career world, and I’ve developed more confidence, new skills and technical abilities. I’m ready to find my career now.”

Program Participant

“I was surprised at how much I didn’t know about things like networking and rapport, and I’ve realised that I can’t achieve my goals without people to help me. I have always been a person who stuck to myself and not needed anyone. I need to build a network of people to get where I really want to be and get experience from them. I have always wanted to join the military, but I have not been that serious about joining until now. Not only that, I need to get out there more into the community to find work. I’ve gained more confidence and knowledge. I really enjoyed this Program.”

Program Participant

“I put my clients into the Bounce Program because some lack confidence and others have a lack of clarity with regards to their career goals / direction. By participating in Bounce they gain incredible insight into their strengths and capabilities. The Program reports are really impressive. They provide me with information about my clients behaviours and habits as well as insight into their work values, employment goals, communication styles and transferable skills. It would have taken quite a number of sessions to gain this level of insight into my clients, and I don’t believe it would have been to this depth. My clients are more confident which is leading to better engagement.”

Job Coach MAX Solutions

“I found the Program a bit challenging at first because the questions that were asked really made me think and question myself, but it was a good thing because I had never really thought about some of the things asked in this Program. What surprised me the most was how hard the questions actually were, and how much I learnt about myself. I discovered that I am strong, and I shouldn’t doubt myself and try harder. I found it quite straightforward and convenient to be able to do and still be at home.”

Program Participant

“The client completion reports are impressive and highly beneficial as they indicate a participants engagement skills and the barriers or challenges that need to be focused on. The sections of the report that really stand out include participants being able to identify their qualities and skills and for them to uncover the values and traits that are holding them back. It would take at least three sessions to gather just some of this information in normal face-to-face appointments.”

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At the click of a button, your clients will access the most inspiring, surprising and fun employment training available and be supported with a range of tools to help them on their journey.

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