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Who are we?

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Bounce is a group of people looking to make positive changes in people’s lives. Since 2006 we’ve been teaching essential soft skills like communication, emotional intelligence, rapport and heaps more, to help people from all over find their way.

We’ve all experienced our own way-finding journey and we know what it takes to go bold and be brilliant and live a life of our own creation.

Just imagine how it will feel when you find your own way too…

Maria Smith

Way Finder | Thought Leader | Rule Breaker

I’m Maria, and I’ve been in the same place as you.

In 2006, I found myself unemployed, uncertain about my future and very lost with a new-born baby to care for in a small town in country Victoria.

I felt like there wasn’t anyone that could help me, and I didn’t know what I wanted to do. The only thing I knew for certain – I really liked helping people.

I decided then that I could change my situation and create a business to help people just like me – stuck in a cycle of despair and hopelessness. I created Bounce to help you make a huge lifechanging decision. A decision to choose unstuck!

I can show you the way…

Let’s do this!

Meet the Bounce Team

When you participate in a Bounce Program, you’ll meet members of the Bounce Team all the way along your journey. We’re here to get you started and stay the course, so you can reach the destination of your dreams.

Chris Young

Path Taker | Story Teller | Weather Reporter

Chris is the voice you’ll hear whenever you get stuck inside the program, or if you haven’t even taken the leap into starting the program.

He’s been in your shoes and he knows what it’s like to feel like your not enough. But he also knows that everything you need to change your life, lives inside you. He’ll be there to help you find it.

Linda Pierson

Journey Sharer | Heart Opener | Nudge Giver

Linda is the beautiful soul who will share your Bounce journey with you. She leads our weekly coaching calls and is the person you can lean on to help you break through those things that are holding you back.

Linda will help you deeply understand the things you’ve uncovered about yourself during the program and she’ll show how you can use this new found knowledge and confidence to get out there and chase your dreams.

Nettie Pollard

Tech Guru | Cool Stuff Creator | Coffee Slayer

If you need tech support when using Bounce Online, Nettie is the person you’ll hear from. She’s the creative mind behind all things tech at Bounce and makes sure the platform is simple and easy for you to use.

Nettie also knows first-hand what a Bounce Program can do for you – she was one of the participants in the program way back in 2006, and she’s never looked back!

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